In LOUTRAKI THERMAL SPA there are three swimming pools with thermal water of Loutraki. The two of them are indoor heated pools with waterfalls and jet hydromassaging (underwater massage), of 201 m2 and 40 m2 respectively and depth 1.15 m. Before our guests enter the pools, they are welcomed by the Doctor of the Center who takes the guest’s medical background and gives them the appropriate advice. Immediately after that, our guests head to the locker room,  get the special cap and start their desirable bath.
The water in swimming pools is at 31 degrees C0, which is the natural temperature (natural springs temperatures are from 29.5 to 31 degrees C0), so it is not contraindicated for heart diseases or phlebitis.
Depending on the treatment we want to achieve, we select the corresponding spot of the pool suitable for hydromassaging with specific launchers for treating neck, back, legs, the calves and the soles. Moreover, in the large pool there is the function of counter-current swimming.
The Hydrotherapies are appropriate and ideal for arthritis, to restore the mobility after an orthopedic surgery, hollow and slipped disk. It also helps chronic inflammatory skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis lesions. At the same time offers rejuvenation, welfare and relaxation.
In LOUTRAKI THERMAL SPA, there is even running a cold water pool 20 m2 for use of visitors of the spa after the sauna and steam, which is suitable for people with traumatic problems.


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