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- Nostalgia -

"Nostalgia" is a wonderful and unique health, wellness and invigoration Spa treatment!


It’s an excellent Spa program, designed in order to invite you to participate in an unforgettable journey of a physical mental and spiritual uplift! This wellness and health program includes a session with a pool hydro massage, in the super modern pools with famous curative Loutraki water of 3.000 years history, followed by sauna or steam shower (hamam). Following this session, your organism will be detoxified and consequently you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. After the above session, the Swedish massage which it follows all over the body, will take off the unique experience of relaxation and invigoration. The philosophy of this session focuses on the three-dimensional nature of human: mind, body and spirit as a whole picture. Therefore, the Swedish massage which is to be applied all over the body, it’s being focused just on this purpose. It uses five major massage movements, which are the main base for all the massage techniques. Meanwhile, one after the session feels an absolute relaxation and rejuvenation of the body, as the blood circulation gets better and the tension and stress get decreased. The overall balance of the body, mind and spirit are slowly occurring and that makes you feel just wonderful. The choice of this Spa program will offer you an absolute feeling of wellness and rejuvenation, as the stress and the negative energy will be eliminated and it will makes you feel rejuvenated, tranquil and invigorated!

A wonderful program - a unique journey of Health, Wellness and Wellbeing, of the duration of 1 hour and 20 minutes, at the special price of 35 Euro!

- Ocean -

The ‘’Ocean’’ is a precious Spa program which will provide you an ultimate peacefulness and inspirational experience, offering to you the beneficial properties of the Loutraki Natural Thermal Spring Water. You just make a gift to your self that you are definitely deserve it! Experience health and soul rejuvenation in the most beautiful and superb Spa facilities!


This exceptional program includes a session with a pool hydro massage, in the super modern pools with famous curative Loutraki water of 3.000 years history, which will make you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. By the following session, you will get rid of stress and everyday tension: Anti stress - Relax Back Massage, is the ideal choice to face the muscular pains created by the contemporary way of life and sedentary work. The Spa Therapists will relieve the body from muscle pains and will contribute to the elimination of accumulated tension and fatigue. Your body will be refreshed and you will feel completely physical and spiritual tranquility!

The only you need, is to choose this unique Spa program of a total duration 50'' to feel deep serenity, relaxation and rejuvenation, at the price of 30 Euros!

- The Ballad of the Senses -

The ‘’Ballad of the Senses’’ is a wonderful health and beauty Spa treatment, designed exclusively for the reinvigoration and skin regeneration. Revitalization - Detoxification - Hydration are the key words, to obtain a healthy and velvety skin!


The treatment includes the following sessions: Hydro massage in modern SPA pools with multiple sprinklers for relaxing and invigorating, combined with Sauna 2Χ10’ or Steam bath 2Χ10’ for detoxification and invigoration (duration: 60’). Then the peeling which follows, applied in the whole of the body with almond cream (10’), will offer a deep cleaning, luminosity and smoothness in your skin. The full body massage that follows in this session, with a rich hydrated cream which is based on honey, cypress, liquorice, vitamin E and provitamin BE, enriched with wonderful scent of flowers, will charm your senses. This treatment will correct the skin dehydration and will increase the elasticity of your skin, providing effective protection against dryness, offering a youthful, smooth and shiny skin for a long time.

This unique program of Wellness, Invigoration and Beauty is designed by our Therapist with care, just for you! Duration of the whole program – session: 1 hour and 30 minutes, at the special price: 38 Euro!


An excellent  Spa treatment, that offers beneficial effects on human health. The session includes Silt Therapy with Dead Sea silt, mixed with therapeutic Loutraki’s water, which have beneficial effect in skin rejuvenation, while it reduces actively arthritis or muscular complaints. The program BLUE VELVET is highly recommended for rheumatic disorders and the results are astonishing in inflammatory skin disorders and dermatitis.

The package offer includes: Hydro-massage in the Pools, Silt Therapy and Therapeutic back massage, offering a complete body and mind regeneration

Duration: 90’

Price: 50 Euro

In these deals, all taxes included.

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