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The «LOUTRAKI THERMAL SPA» is located in the historic and cosmopolitan spa town of Loutraki, within the territories of the old spa town, at 24 G. Lekas ​​street, nearly opposite the beautiful coastal city park. It belongs to the administration of the Municipality of Loutraki - St. Theodore in the prefecture of Corinth of the Peloponnese region.
Loutraki, where LOUTRAKI THERMAL SPA is located, is the first Greek resort which gained international reputation, mainly because of the famous spa and table water. There is a unique diversity of natural scenery and mild climate conditions in the region, with sunshine over 300 days a year.
The modern LOUTRAKI THERMAL SPA spread over an area of ​​5,000 sq.m. in a unique environment, luxury and great hospitality, competes successfully not only  with the other Greek spa centers but also the relevant international spa resorts.

Προβολή Loutraki Thermal Spa σε χάρτη μεγαλύτερου μεγέθους

The city of Loutraki and «LOUTRAKI THERMAL SPA» are just 5 km from the Corinthian Canal of the Isthmus, just 80 km away from the capital of Greece Athens within easy access from the airport, just one hour’s drive. Access to Loutraki is also easy from the city of Patras, which is the gateway of southern Greece for the guests who prefer the sea route from Western Europe.
In  the Loutraki Spa center, you can drive very easily with your private car, or you can use the bus Kifissos performing very frequent routes to the city center. You may also reach it by the Suburban Railway.
From the town of Loutraki, access to «LOUTRAKI THERMAL SPA», is really very easy. You can just walk about 500 meters, using the coastal footpath and enjoy the pristine beach and the majestic mountains of Gerania embracing this beautiful place or take a taxi.

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Useful numbers
Information about buses from Kifissos Tel: 210-51.50.242, 14505.
About Suburban Rail services: 1110
Radio Station Loutraki: 27440 61000
KTEL Korinthos - Loutraki Station: 27440 22262


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