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Dear Bathers, in order to enjoy yourstay at theLoutraki Thermal Spa, please mention the following:
  • Please, bring your swimsuit, towel and flip flops.
  • Please, try to limit the noises to the minimum.
  • If necessary, please inform the Spa Doctor about your medical condition the remaining days of therapy, after the first day of your arrival and medical examination.
  • Reservations: For your own convenience, please be advised to schedule your appointment in time (least 48 hours in advance).
  • Please attend the Spa Reception 15 minutes before the scheduled sessions.
  • Clients who do not come at the preset time in the Thermal Spa, they reduce the time from their session, on their own responsibility.
  • Please, be aware that your stay in the pools or tub, may not be exceeding than 20 minutes per day, for medical reasons.
  • Please, be aware that the use of alcohol and smoking, are not allowed within the premises of Loutraki Thermal Spa.
  • Personal items: For your own safety, when visiting Loutraki Thermal Spa, we advise you to avoid bringing personal belongings of significant value. The management and the staff of the Spa, are not responsible in case of loss.
  • Please, keep all areas of the Loutraki Thermal Spa clean.
  • Minimum age limit: The use of the facilities is provided only to people over 15 years old.


• Each bather before entering the pool area should first be bathed with warm water and soap.
•  Each bather must use the private waterproof  shower cap given in the reception area.
• move within the premises of the pool only with non-slip slippers.
• During the examination by the physician, the bather should strictly follow the treatment advice given and report any history of infectious disease or severe heart problems.
• People with infectious skin diseases, venereal diseases, open wounds, intestinal infection, catheter, stomatitis (gastrostomy, colostomy) should not use the pools. They can only use the individual tubs only after the recommendation of the doctor.
• Any possible reaction which occurs during Hydrotherapy should be reported to the physician of LOUTRAKI THERMAL SPA.
• The hydrotherapy / spa, must be done only with an empty stomach or after digestion, at least after three hours since the last meal or a hearty breakfast.
• You may not use cosmetics, sunscreen and other oils because they reduce the therapeutic effect and alter the curative properties of the loutraki curative water.
• Washing of the mouth and nose and the immersion of the head in the pool is not allowed.
• During menstruation the Hydrotherapy should be discontinued.
• The use of the pool for people with urinary incontinence or prostatic hypertrophy is not allowed.
• The urinating in the pool is controlled by specific chemicals.
• The period given for Hydrotherapy mustn’t be extended, because it is against our organism.
• During Hydrotherapy a varied and balanced diet must be followed, with priority to fresh and healthy foods.
• The Bathers should cooperate with the instructions of the lifeguard.
• A principle of proper hygiene to achieve maximum results in health, welfare and rejuvenation through Hydrotherapy is to pass your spare time in a healthy style -  rest yourself, walking outdoors, and doing  light physical exercises. This way you will have a healthy physical state during your stay at the resort.


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